Bump and Baby photography services

I love photographing newborns – the bubbles they blow, the faces they pull when asleep, and the cute way fluff gets trapped between their toes. But best of all is knowing I am capturing an amazing stage of their lives for their parents.

Whether you choose a lifestyle shoot in your home, in a forest or would prefer a beautifully lit bump and newborn shoot in the studio, we can discuss a plan that best suits your needs.

Bump and baby photography services by Quintin Mills

Baby bump / Maternity

I offer two distinctive approaches to capturing your baby bump. They can be photographed at my studio or a location such as a forest, open fields or a boutique hotel.

A studio shoot has more controlled lighting for a distinctive look whereas a location shoot will provide natural images with a more relaxed and warm feel to them.
A location will offer more variety when it comes to different settings depending on the location that is chosen.

Request a quote for your bump and baby photography services and lets take some cool pictures for you.

A newborn shoot

This session is photographed 7-10 days after the birth and we focus 100% on the little one. This is the best time for those amazing newborn shots because he or she is still ok with being folded up like they were in mom’s tummy.
If you want to have pics of mom and dad as well, we have a parent add-on specifically for that. And because the little one is tuckered out by the time the newborn shoot is done, we strongly recommend it be done on a different day. Unless you love crying baby pictures :-)

Consider a Combo.
By booking multiple shoots you get a better rate for the shoot.
What about a maternity and newborn shoot combo? Or add a cake smash a year later to make it three shoots.

Bump and baby photography services by Quintin Mills


Ethan’s newborn shoot

We had our maternity shoot and new born baby shoot with Quintin. He is so professional and friendly in his approach. My Partner and I were very nervous during the maternity shoot and he made us feel calm and really got the best out of each shot. When we took our 10 day old baby boy Ethan for his shoot. Quintin and his wife were so careful and calm with him while they set him up for each beautifully set shot. We think a shoot with Quintin would make the ideal gift for any occasion! Cannot wait for the next one


Bump and baby photography FAQ

What is the best time for a bump shoot?

Generally speaking 34/35 weeks is a good time for the shoot. You don’t want to leave it too late :-)

What is the best age for a newborn shoot?

The best time for the shoot is within the first 7-10 days to get those amazing squishy / foldy baby shots. This is best done in the studio.

What should i do before the shoot?

A good wipe of the little one’s face and body before you arrive is always recommended. That will clean off any flakey skin or baby powder that may be on his or her skin.
I like to book the shoot in the morning as we have found the babies to be more settled in the morning.
You can arrive at my studio at 9:30, remove the baby’s clothes and feed them. Once settled and asleep we can start.
It is more difficult if you feed at home and then drive over here as they will generally wake up and not be sleepy when we want to start.

And the best shots are when they are sleeping :-)

How do i book a newborn shoot?

You can book a shoot by completing this form so we can sort out a date for your shoot.

Do you have photography packages?

Yes, I will email you the brochure with all the details when I receive your email. Please complete this form.

Do you have props for the newborn shoot?

Yes I do. All the props and blankets you see in the pictures on my site are mine so you do not have to bring anything. Well, except the baby…