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A winter newborn baby shoot

Sometimes crazy ideas work out, like the time we had a winter newborn baby shoot and used leaves off our pavement as a backdrop.

On the day that Cassidy arrived at my studio for her shoot, it was a typical Johannesburg winters morning, cold and damp.
The bright side of this winters day was the leaves that had fallen from the beautiful trees on our pavement which I had planted 20 years ago. They looked really cool and I decided we were going to use them as one of the backdrops for the shoot.

I mean it makes sense, a winter newborn baby shoot needs those leaves to help tell the story of the shoot.

Ethan’s newborn shoot was the first one for Roseanne and Gareth, followed by Riley’s newborn shoot and finally, there was Cassidy.

I just love this look from Cassidy’s winter newborn baby shoot with the winter leaves backdrop.


A winter newborn baby shoot by Quintin Mills

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