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Why you should choose an environmental portrait for your corporate portrait.

Corporate Portrait

An environmental portrait, also called a location portrait, is just like a studio portrait, except they have an added layer of interest because they make use of the client's surroundings to tell you who they are and what they do. Sometimes the setting is directly connected to who they are - their business or service and other times the environment is just there to create a mood that helps understand who that person is. I think it is very important for business head shots and corporate portraits that they are done as environmental portraits so that they give the person a sense of place - this is what makes the portrait more engaging and personal.I love shooting environmental portraits, they are a little bit more challenging because there are more variables, but that is also what makes it more interesting.  Environmental portrait and business headshot examplesThis portrait for Emira Property Fund was photographed in the company boardroom. Environmental portrait and business headshot examplesWhat better way to photograph a farmer than with his trusted John Deere tractor in the fields before the sun comes up. Environmental portrait and business headshot examplesThis environmental portrait was taken of the warehouse manager inside the vast parts warehouse for John Deere. Environmental portrait and business headshot examplesThis portrait of Martha Chocho, a nursing matron, was taken in one of the hallways of the old age facility she works at. Environmental portrait and business headshot examplesSomething as simple as a wallpapered wall at the clients office was a great backdrop for this portrait of a designer at the interior design firm she worked for. Follow this link for more information and to view my corporate portraits and business headshots gallery.
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