Wedding photography services

Since I started my career 14 years ago I have photographed hundreds of weddings throughout South Africa as well as Malawi, Mozambique & Botswana and loved the process of finding beautiful imagery on a wedding day.

I recently took a sabbatical from wedding photography to spend some time with my family and to think about how (and if) I would continue to photograph weddings. There are a lot of great photographers out there and I felt it might be time to challenge myself and to set myself apart from the current style of wedding photography.

One of the thoughts rushing around my head was that I often converted my favourite images to black & white and without the colour, there was much more focus on the emotion in the faces of the people. These timeless images really spoke to me and I knew how I would like to bring my creativity to photographing weddings.


Black & white only weddings.

I want to tell the story of your wedding – nothing posed or contrived, just the beauty and emotion of two people in love. By photographing the day as it happens, without anything being scripted or directed, the images feel as though they are seen through the eyes of your guests.
And black and white allows the viewer to concentrate on the essential part of the story, the emotion.

You will not hear me ask you to smile or even direct you in any way (outside of our couple session). The benefit is that I am almost invisible during the day – without an assistant, light stands and umbrellas I am able to move around you and your guests and capture the true events of the day and the associated emotions and these for me are extremely important.

Black and white photography is timeless and will never go out of fashion, unlike some of the wedding photography treatments I have seen over the years. Your children, and even your grandchildren will be able to admire your beautiful images as if they were photographed the day before.

As well as being incredibly beautiful, a black and white only wedding photography has a few other benefits. I provide many more images from the day and I can upload my favourite images to your social media hashtag (#bobbyraylovesbettiesue) as the day progresses.

Black and white only wedding photography is also more economical than traditional wedding coverage, so you have cash to spend on your honeymoon.

Something to think about…

For those wanting my more traditional wedding coverage style, that is an option, but I will only be shooting selected traditional coverage weddings at this stage.

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